Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Wherein a Wingnut Starts to Figure Out How Mad People Are But Still Can't Understand Why

This is what passes for humor in wingnut world.
I'd have never had the chance to make $250 (2021 dollars) for the Climate Science Defense Fund if I hadn't read about how often Pat Michaels is wrong. What a mark! 

Dr. Roy Spencer's post about my global warming bet with Patrick Michaels stirred up the usual BS (the real fun is always in the comments) from the fake skeptics brigade of often wrong wingnuts. Here's my reply to one of the inevitable, "you're so rude" comments wherein some other wingnut decides that the subject at hand isn't as important as pointing out how much he doesn't care for my attitude.
"Scott, I’ll take that Bet, Micheal Mann admits to charging $10,000 per speaking event. Roy what is your fee?" 
So, as "proof" that the average denier makes more than the average scientist, you want to use Mann and Spencer's fees per speech? Wow. You are a Republican. Even I'm better at math and statistics than that. 
"We are shaped by our understanding of situations and ideology." 
Right. I understand that Republicans lied us into a $6 trillion dollar war that maimed, killed, and displaced millions. I understand that Republican trickle-down, supply-side, freshwater economics led to the Little Bush Depression, the largest recession since the great depression. I understand that Republicans just voted to take food out of the mouths of hungry children. They keep voting to deny health insurance to 20 million.
And I understand that Republicans really suck at science. From evolution to geology to climate, they really want to, for the most part, suggest that humans aren't God, and therefore cannot affect the climate, or can't evolve, or whatever.  
Some of you may be atheists and just bad a science. But for the most part, you're a backwards, hateful, gay bashing, discriminatory, warmongering bunch of liars who BS about anything and everything. 
"perhaps you are the one that is at fault in your ideological beliefs." 
Yeah, you're going to have to rephrase that, because you lost me. My reasoning is as I stated above. You guys are so wrong so often that the only explanation for why anyone would still listen to you is if they're brainwashed. By religion, by an abusive parent, by a crazy uncle... I don't know, and I don't care. All I know is we REALLY need to stop listening to you guys. 
"you attempt to belittle someone else’s beliefs and show a bigoted bias that really stifles true conversation." 
Now you're catching on. This argument's been going on for decades. You guys don't listen. You don't care. You're so full of it, and yourselves, that when you see someone come back and act the same way, if maybe a little more forcefully, it's shocking to you. It's like, you giggle about Rush Limbaugh, but when someone from my side of the aisle even employs just a few of his style points, you get all pissy. Well, boo-hoo. 
But here's the thing. I don't want conversation. I'm sick of listening to you guys make the same old arguments over and over again. I want you people to put up or shut up. Of course, you probably won't do either, but, hey, a guy can dream... 
"But having you belittle the position rather than address the actual reasons for my dissent from the conclusion is counter productive and to be honest persecution closer to religious fervor than thoughtful discourse." 
I am addressing the reasons for your dissent. I just did. I have before. And I'm sick of doing it. It's not like we're disagreeing about is what color we should pick for our walls. This is what the Pentagon--an institution I assume you respect--said is one of the biggest threats to the future of America out there. I'm not a calm person. But I'm certainly not religious. I get pissed when people like you vote for people like GW Bush or Mitt Romney, because I'm deeply aware of what's at stake. I've seen your track records. I've watched your neocon oilmen wreak havoc on the world. And I'm sick of it.  
Now, do you want to bet on your silly pseudo-scientific BS, or not? 
Why don't you pray to your God about it. Maybe he'll have an answer.

You can all go see if he replies. I really hope so, because while I'm sick of hearing the same old shit, my ultimate philosophy is Keep Talking, Wingnuts.